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All-in-one palette generator, editor and manager forFigma

Easily create harmonious, accessible-first palettes and save countless hours getting colours for your design system.

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Generate palettes in few seconds

Quickly generate palettes from one color

5 palette types: Tint & Shades, Tints, Shades, Tones, Opacities and Gradient

Powerful color stop editor for unlimited customisation

Curve selector: a new way to generate the perfect palette for your needs

Automatic contrast calculation/correction

Unlimited customisation

Unslash your creativity

8 color spaces: RGB, HSL, HSV, HSI, LAB, OKLAB, LCH, CMYK

Color padding: reduce the color range by cutting off a fraction of the gradient on both sides.

Name palette colors in diffents ways

Correct lightness and saturation

One tool to manage all your palettes

The best way to organize color systems.

Synchronize your palettes with local styles or variables

Save palettes and reuse them across all your projects

Instantly add colors guide to your document

Export palettes for most popular frameworks and formats

That's not all..

There are more features to save you thousands of hours, and level up as a designer.

Save Palettes As Variables Or Styles

Save palette colors as variables or local styles for easy access and consistency.


Extensive Palette Library

Access over 29,000 ready-to-use palettes to inspire and enhance your projects.

Versatile Color Systems

Seamlessly integrate popular color systems into your projects, with 15 renowned options to choose from.

Enhanced Accessibility

Ensure your designs meet accessibility standards with an automatic contrast calculator (WCAG or APCA).

Seamless Export Options

Export palettes seamlessly to Figma Tokens, Chakra UI, Material UI, Tailwind, CSS, CSS Vars, and JSON.

Instant Palette Guides

Add color guides to your documents effortlessly with the palette guide generator.

Smart Naming

Utilize automatic, unique name generation for your colors based on selection.

Theme-Compatible Palettes

Craft palettes tailored for light/dark themes, ensuring visual consistency across various user preferences.

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Unlimited saved palettes
Unlimited exports
Unlimited usage
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